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Date: November 24, 2019

Sheppy was also vocalizing his own sexual arousal, yelping and making guttural sounds as he furiously humps her. His large, thick cock sliding into her warm, tight vagina was generating heat which triggered Sheppy to fuck hard and fast for as long as he could. Clearly straining to get all he could from these fuck sessions. With no rival around to fight, and with a willing female for him to breed. Sheppy was just taking advantage of the situation, and mated with Jessica as often as he could. Robert still couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly and easily Sheppy gave Jessica multiple orgasm. With Jessica often expressing sexual desperation and anguish during their heated mating sessions. It was also obvious that Sheppy was fucking out of pure selfishness. He fucked her hard. Getting his cock in as deeply as possible to pump his seed into his bitch. Clearly determined to reach his own orgasm He literally pounded her body, grinding her down. With Jessica loudly and unabashedly vocalizing her depraved pleasure from his animal cock.

My heart was pumping so fast and heavy, I feared I could suffer a heart-attack. I was so excited by the thought of being fucked now. Danny grabbed my hips und pushed his huge cock into me. I tried to relax, and although his cock was rather thick it went in well, my asshole didn’t hurt much. As he pushed his full length into me it felt unpleasant at first, but it did not hurt. Soon I was overwhelmed by the feeling of a cock inside of me. I wanted to moan, but we needed to be quiet. Danny now pushed his cock just an inch or two in and out of my asshole. He started slow and carefully, but soon he fucked me faster. I loved the feeling of him pumping in my ass. His balls touched my ass every time he pushed into me. I had sucked him off earlier that night, so he would need a while to cum.

“Can I see you naked, Mom? Gail started to protest and looked at he husband. “Gail, we ought to be open for this. It will just be for tonight, only. Just this once, and I’ll pick up a girlie nudie magazine for you, son, so you don’t need to rely on your mother to study the female anatomy. Go-ahead Gail take off your robe. In fact, I’ll shuck my shorts and Billy, you take off your pajamas too. Frank stood up and led the way by dropping his drawers and flipped them out of the way with his foot. Billy pulled off the top of his PJs and raised his rear to slide his bottoms off. He took his nightclothes and tossed them over by his dad’s skivvies. “Panties too, Babe.” prompted her spouse. She leaned back with her shoulders on the couch and raised her hips. She could see the eyes of her son go wide open as she pealed her undies, revealing her furry triangle and the rosy slit between her thighs.

When I was fifteen, Mom and I moved into an apartment closer to where she worked. Mom was only thirty-two because she had gotten pregnant at sixteen and had me when she was seventeen. She was a good-looking woman and she was an exotic dancer at an upscale club just a block away. Her stage name was Bambi. The lady that lived upstairs from us was also an exotic dancer, named Puff Dragon. She worked at a place Mom always called sleazy and said that she would never work there. Puff Dragon was a funny name and she was a lot younger than Mom was, at just eighteen. She was just a few years older than I was and she looked like a girl that I had seen in high school last year. As we talked Puff Dragon was the girl that I had seen in high school last year. She had quit school and started dancing. She said that she makes pretty good money at it too, mainly because of the Puff Dragon. Needless to say I asked her about this Puff Dragon and was treated to a free show.

Kiki came to my aid, “She’s only done lesbian scenes. And that’s how she likes her sex.” Jade looked embarrassed at being discussed like that, she may have been blushing; it’s difficult to tell with her color. Was about all I could say to all that, it seemed no one had thought I might like to know the important information that she was a virgin. But then, I don’t know what I’d have done about it if I did know, probably got nervous and screwed up. I nuzzled in her boobs some more. Jade replied: “Then she did me.” She laughed at her own comment, like she was horrified she was saying that. She added, “I was a good Indiana girl until I met Kiki, my Dad’s the preacher.” Kiki looked pleased with herself. Jade rolled back onto her back, I thought I’d play with her boobs some more; they were nice. Kiki moved down to between Jade’s legs and started licking her. Kiki does like going down on a pussy once I’ve come in it. Like I said, I like lesbian scenes, and they’re even better when you’re on the bed with the lesbians.

She had enough to buy herself a nice 2 bedroom place in a new development that sat inside the grounds of a golf course. Dad moved permanently into the city into a penthouse apartment with his new girlfriend. I went around one night for dinner. The girlfriend was about 25 years old and thick as shit. But she was gold digging. I can’t imagine why else a sexy 25 year old would be hanging around with my millionaire Dad? I made sure I was very pleasant to her and complimented her every chance I got. My Dad was being a prick to my Mom. He was keeping tabs on everything she was doing. He was furious that she had done well out of the divorce. He let slip that he thought my Mom was a gold digger and that she was ungrateful for the life he had given her. I hit the roof.

He rode me doggy-style for at least five minutes before he told me he was going to cum again. I asked him if it was safe inbetween moans. He asked me if I really cared and in that time of passion I didn’t care at all. The inside of my ass felt so warm with his cum deep inside it. He pulled his dick out and I turned around and started sucking it clean. We just lay there on his bed for a while. Hetold me that he had to piss and he started walking to bsthroom. I told him to stop and told him about water sports and golden showers. I asked him if I could drink his piss and he immediatly agreed. I laid down in his bathtub andtold him to let it rip. I had drunk my own piss every once in while so I was ready. He started pissing in my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all. A little bit drizzled out of my mouth every once in awhile but I swalloed most of it.