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But just then Mum looked over her shoulder and must have seen the after effects of my spasming. She had the grace not to comment, but I saw her just turning her head away again. After about ten minutes I got up and went to shower, ostensibly to wash off the river water. She did too. On her return she went to get us some drinks and brought them to the seating area on the deck. As she put them down she gave me a slow hug almost in recognition of what had happened. I was in total love and awe of her. We returned after the holiday to the usual routine. I was still off from school. My thoughts were still with Mum and the wonderful holiday but I was beginning to wonder again about Maria. She did not appear to be around and I thought she too must be away. Mother meanwhile continued to be very warm with me as well as giving me glimpses of her that were, I was sure, designed to excite me. She frequently left the bedroom door open whilst she was putting on her stockings as she attached them to her suspenders.

With a devilish grin, he flicks her nipples hard, loving the way her body wrenches and spasms from each tiny pinpoint of pain. Her lips tremble as she struggles to remain silent and perfectly still while he flicks and grasps and tugs and pulls and twists each nipple before doing the same to her clit. Working her into another lust-filled frenzy, and then he stops abruptly. Walking from the room, he pauses briefly thinking he may have heard her speak. Is she ready to declare that she is nothing without her Master? It certainly is about damn time, the stubborn bitch. But he is unsure. Nearly imperceptible, he looms just outside the doorway straining to listen. Is she saying what he has waited so long to hear from her lips? Thirty-five hours after he walked into her hotel room, she softly utters the phrases he has yearned to hear; her proclamation that she is ready to be his possession, his slut, his whore, his baby girl. I am yours. You are my reason for existing.

Carefully she opened her fist and explored the interior of her cunt. It felt so different than the drawings showed that it took her some time to decide which fold or dimple was in fact the mysterious opening of the expandable birth channel into her uterus. She was surprised that there wasn’t nearly as much feeling in there as she would have guessed. Jennifer used her fingernail to explore the depths of her vagina, but felt no scratching, just the movement. When her fingernail ran into a dead end of a fold, she would try another, and at she last found her finger spreading a dimple more than she had done with any of the others. She continued working the finger until it was gradually being encased in a tight little tube. Her own cervix was now tightly gripping her finger! She could feel that the narrow tube spread the further she went into it, and had completely buried her finger when she realized that her finger had entered her own uterus!

I finished sucking on one of her pussy lips, then came up and, without any warning, I just sunk my dick all the way in her. The look of shock on her face and the sensation of sliding in to her warm, virgin pussy was overwhelming. My pants were still around my legs, but I didn’t care, I just pounded the shit out of her pussy. Looking back, it was so awkward, I was just flopping away on top of her with no real sense of rhythm, but it felt so good, and she must’ve liked it, because her pussy kept squeezing me out. The smell of sex was everywhere, and it was turning me on even more. About a minute and a half into it, I started getting my rhythm and pounding hard. I lost all control, and used one of my hands to grab her by the hair. I started humping her violently, shaking her head back and forth, getting ready to cum, as she yelped with each pull of her hair. I pulled out and busted all over her stomach and hairy pussy. It came out in gigantic spurts.

From that day forward, Scott began to pay more attention to the way his Mom moved, smiled, or bent over to pick something up. She was tall and slim, almost athletic. Scott began to look at his mom and notice specific things about her. He could see how poised and confident she was. Scott noted her elegance and charm and began to admire the curves of her body. Her boobs are magnificent. Her waist is tiny, and her butt was full and round. He often fantasized about she would look nude when he masturbated. Scott’s mother had a gorgeous face with full lips, high cheekbones that complemented her stunning blue eyes. She never wore much makeup, and she didn’t need much if any. Her long luxurious blond hair framed her face perfectly. Scott noticed that when his friends came to his house, his Mom’s nipples would get hard and poke through her shirt. She was flattered when she felt their eyes feasting on her.

She stood up and we kissed each other passionately a long time. She dressed like a businesswoman to show me she was sure she was mine, but this time the sex was not the most important. I thought I was right when I guessed her plan for our third meeting. She knew my arrangements with the divorce lawyer, because we wrote our E-mails to each other. We sat down and I accidentally put my right hand on the table and she put her hand on my hand straightaway to show me she wanted to give me strength for the next days. Olga began, “A little lactation started, the medicine works well, so next week I’ll have about a half gallon of milk for you. She smiled at me and said, “I hoped you would be! We laughed a little and I thought I would never be bored with such a woman as Olga, who had a wonderful cheerful personality.

Nathan was the opposite, I had to look at him and say, “DRINK ! Good is what we felt. Me and Mallory had already went through one bottle and we was on bottle two. Nathan finally went through his second and was on his third now, and Carrie was well cut off. The little slush had finished one and she was lit up like the fourth of July. Truth is we all was. That is when Mallory got brave. “Hey kids, sit right here.” Mallory said putting them on the love seat. Mallory grabbed me and started kissing me hot and heavy, pulling me to the couch. I don’t know if this was the plan, or if the alcohol had taken over and Mallory just wanted me. Either way we were making love and stripping each others clothes off in a huge race for sexual satisfaction. Once naked, I sat on top of Mallory’s lap and she starting licking my titts and sucking my nipples. She reached down with her hand and rubbed my pussy and she had me so hot.

In no time at all I was pounding my hole harder than the porn starts fucking on the TV. I could feel all sorts of great feelings I knew my colon was Cumming like a women’s pussy does. I could see precum from at the head off hard on I barely touched my member and it started blowing load after load of semen my butt got extremely tight as I was still trying to slide in and out. My body was shaking cum was flying all the way to my face. I’ve ever had. When the orgasm subsided I was just laying there enjoying the little rushes of feelings going my body cover in my own cum and dildo still deep in my ass. I started to think if that was that good being with a guy must be ten times better. Being able to just lay there as a guy pounding my hole. I remembered that guy said he wanted to fuck me good. So I got to get his card out my pants. I got the card out of pants. Call or text James for a good time was on the card. I was able to get cleaned up and my phone went off. ’s not even the right number that’s upsetting. I got dressed really fast and headed to the address. When I got there I couldn’t believe it was a pretty big house at 5 bedrooms. When I found him he looked me up and down real good took my hand and took me to what he said was his sex room. When we got in there I dropped to my knees and started to unzip his pants. What do you mean by that?

I guess I came across one of those women that was just starved for good sex with someone who cares about her, which I did very much, and everything really was wonderful. We grew a lot together, sexually speaking. Living out fantasies or playing on desires that had never been realized before. We never went so far as anything sadistic or masochistic, didn’t introduce others into our sex life, and never did anything that we didn’t think the other wouldn’t like. It ranged from lovemaking by soft music and candlelight, to mutual and lone oral sex to orgasm with no penetration, mutual masterbation, to rather hard-core fucking porno-movie style. But early in the relationship, while talking about sex, she mentioned that she thought anal sex was wrong, implying it was a moral sin of some sort. I held no such belief, even though on only a very few occaisions I had done such things.