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Shortly afterwards Lady Navore would come and demand a private discussion about a possible donation to thank the gods for her fortune changing. A couple of days later I arrived to the temple dressed in my traders robe and with the demonic cock working my sex below the robe. Like ever the inside of the cock was working real sex as other side had transformed into a function cock. It was actually the first time I visited a temple since I acquired the cursed sword. I felt weird stepping inside even if I knew the room was empty inside. For years I had been avoiding any temples since I suspected the holy objects inside would react on my sword. My suspicion turned out to be correct. As I walked to the room the holy runes decorating the room lit up as I came near them. Elenore was also there but her pregnancy with possible demonic child had not triggering the runes in the same way.

Another result was returned. Gerald looked away. The thumbnail was a dark-hair woman, by a campfire, a part of her top was removed. He looked to it, he couldn’t see a nipple, but it looked like she was in the process of taking her shirt off. He kept going, typing in “The First Year,” adding “sex scene” to it. Two results were returned. His mother was in both thumbnail images. The first showed her on her back, a look of pleasure on her face. The second was her full body in a shower, with a man behind her, his hand on her tummy. The thumbnail image for the video was his mother and another woman. They were clothed and kissing. He sat at the kitchen table. Gerald sat down again. Gerald took a walk around his Pacific Palisades neighborhood. He found himself getting angry, but he couldn’t explain it. When he arrived at home an hour later, he saw he missed a couple calls on the cell phone he left in his room – they were from his mother. He listened to the other one.

With a gentle rubbing motion, create as much lather as possible. The soap against her pubic hair should help this along. Now put the bar of soap down and return your hand, open, to her pubic area. Still standing on her side, gently press her pubic area and her back in a steady, pulsing manner as if to bring your hands together. Be careful not to do this to hard. The female may orgasm here, especially if the male has spent sufficent time rubbing her nipples and her pubic area. Remember this is Female Therapeutic Sex, the object is for the female to be satisfied a number of times in a variety of ways. Let her stop and enjoy this as long as she wants, or even repeat this proceedure until she is ready to move on. Next, with the bar of soap in one hand, spread her legs slightly and pass it between her legs making sure to rub against her clitoris, vagina and anus. Do not attempt to insert the soap bar in any orafice, as this would cause to much discomfort and not help to relieve any stress or tension.

Judy was in a very good mood and seemed to be very happy. I commented and said you seen to be happy tonight. She said I am. I just had a nice night out with my best friend and then I get to come home to my other best friend. That caught me off guard and it put a huge smile on my face. I really like Judy. She has a great personality and is so darn likable. Too bad she is a lesbian. When I got close to Cuming again, I warned her that I was going to shoot but she wouldn’t stop and I came in her mouth. She stopped sucking and clamped her mouth over the head of my dick as she stroked to get every bit of cum in her mouth. She moved up to my face and kissed me on the lips , I expected to get a mouthful of my own cum, knowing Judy personality but she had swallowed, then thank me for a great experience.

Consequences. Everything has consequences, and in all likelihood, the consequences for this misstep will not be pleasant. The anticipation, the fear, the waiting, and the silence, all of it is driving her mad. Her entire sex quivers with unspent energy; her juices boiling and bubbling between her thighs, and once again her anger gets the best of her. “What the hell is wrong with you? You bastard, let me cum. Now. I N E E D to cum NOW. Why are you doing this? He can see and smell her fear. Glaring straight into her eyes, he is doing nothing to alleviate her panic. His eyes are intense; an ice cold blue and burn a hole right through her. She kneels before him and with her mouth, seeks out his cock. The warmth and moistness of her tongue is startling. Beginning at the base, she lavishes her saliva leaving a glistening trail of wetness. As she reaches the tip, she hungrily sucks the droplets of pre-cum. Descending slowly down his hardening stem, she blows warm breath like a hair dryer until she reaches his groin again, slathering his cock, blowing it dry, and then sucking his juices from the tip.

I get on my knees as he bends over putting his hands on the shower bench. I spread his ass checks only to see a hair there.I tell him not a chance I’m going down unless I get to shave it off. He he agrees to that so I grab the shaving cream and get it all lathered up back there then grab my razor off the shower shelf. It takes a few minutes but I get all the hair removed and wash it all down. Still on my knees I spread his ass cheeks again with my hands getting a good look at the job I just did when I lean forward, stick out my tongue and start licking the first asshole in my life. I am swirling my tongue around on it for a while with the hot water beating down on my back. After a few minutes of this he stands up, turns around and lifts me up to him.

Jennifer was very excited at the thought of doing something so very daring, so dangerous, so illegal, and so completely against the moral principles she had grown up with. When she asked what kind of animals would be involved, he said that they changed them for every fight, but they were usually strange combinations of medium sized beasts to make it exciting. She had no idea what was medium size for beasts. He said that whatever, it would be perfectly safe for her down in the pit, and everybody on the ship would watching and admiring her gorgeous big tits. He made her feel he was in her power by pointing out he thought she was a very sexy lady with a beautiful face and an incredible figure. With that one comment Tony had her. He was so crude, and yet she found him irresistible. He had told her that there would be some exhibitions of both raw and brutal sex on the cruise, all of the illegal stuff, providing the best in kicks, because that’s what paying passengers on the cruises were there for.

” Allysa asked as chills ripped through my body and my cock started to grow under her hand. ’s getting bigger.” She whimpered as she wrapped her fingers around me as best as she could. “So what does it feel like baby girl? ” Allysa asked as she watched Haylee slowly touch me before she looked at Allysa and pressed her face against my dick after she let go of me. “It feels nice but I can’t really tell since his boner isn’t naked all the way.” Haylee sighed before she looked up at her mom. “Do you like it? ” Allysa sighed as our little girl rubbed my dick as she nodded her head yes, bit her lip and look at my dick. “It’s perfect, now you see why mommy can’t get enough of your sexy dad.” Allysa sighed making her moan as she slid her hand up to the waistband and pulled it down with her fingers. “Please say yes daddy, I want this so so bad.” She whimpered with a shaky voice before I leaned down and slid my tongue into her mouth and my hand on her little tits.

Katie threw her head back, her mouth open in pleasure, as if being choked and unable to breath. Suddenly the Rott begins humping. Clearly enjoying her warm wet, tight tunnel. Katie’s pussy was clearly stuffed and was fully stretched with seven uniquely curved inches of dog cock. The sounds they made as they fucked were truly lecherous. Lots of Heavy breathing and guttural sounds mixed with a loud wet slapping sound made by his powerful hips slamming against the back of her thighs and butt. Her head is up looking straight ahead, turned towards the left, looking behind her shoulder to watch him fucking, mouth open, oh yeah, yeah! Kate’s mouth was hanging open, her firm breasts swaying in rhythm with the fucking and panting with exertion. Susan began pulling and rubbing on Katie’s nipples, quietly encouraging the Rott, ” Yeah that’s it, fuck her good baby” Susan then focuses in close. I can clearly see Kate’s warm and wet confining vaginal walls wrapping around his throbbing cock. Producing a wet slurping from his cock locked deep inside and squirting into her warm birth canal.

” I tried to speak, but the pleasure roaring out of my pussy only let me gasp and moan. Daddy’s thrusting fingers stirred me up while his licking tongue made me ache. I trembled and writhed. The pleasure burned through me. It was amazing. My legs thrashed while my eyes stared at the waiting dick and the crisp dollar bill. My body heaved a final time. I groaned, Daddy’s fingers slowing as my pussy stopped spasming. I shuddered, breathing in deeply. The wonderful, buzzing delight of my orgasm sank through my body. I licked my lips. “Sorry, sir,” I moaned, grasping his dick and taking his bill. “Just suck my dick, slut,” he groaned. He sounded like he was in pain. I really had to help him then. I sucked his dick into my mouth as Daddy stood up, face smeared with my cream. I smiled about the cock in my mouth, glad I drenched Daddy with my orgasm. He undid his belt and unzipped his slacks. His cock came out, hard and aching for my cunt. “On your knees, slut,” Daddy growled.