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Date: November 29, 2019

“Master Petrovksy, there is a guest for you by the name of Nesbit. Would you like me to send him in? ” Mistress Demi asked, cracking open Petrovsky’s door ever-so-slightly. Yes, send him to my office. I will meet him momentarily.” Petrovsky replied, tugging on his tie. After studying himself in the mirror, and adjusting his tie and cuffs, Petrovsky left his room and in the direction of his personal study and office, where Nesbit was no doubt waiting. Pleasure to see you once more.” Nesbit was a short man, with a rolling gut. He was a lower Master from London, England. “I just want to say that your Benefit Dinner was absolutely delightful. That blonde, Pink I think, was an absolute beauty! Petrovsky laughed, taking the other man’s hand. “I’m afraid that is very unlikely, Nesbit. But let’s get down to business. What brings you here? ” He asked, gesturing to a chair so the man could sit down. He made his way around the desk and took a seat across from the other.

His hard, slippery cock was perched upright in the crack of my lubed up ass. He made humping motions, moving his shaft across the length of my crack. His other hand explored my body grabbing here and there making his way to my mouth where he ran his first two fingers over my lips. The same two fingers that were just in my ass. I opened my mouth and took them in. I sucked them clean, tasting bengay and my own insides before he took his hand and groped his way back down my body, to the base of his cock. He then ran his dick down my butt crack and put the fat bulb of it to my virgin butt hole. He slowly leaned forward and I could feel the pressure building against my threshold. Then it happened. He leaned a little more towards me and his fat, lubed up cockhead slipped through with little resistance.

So here I was sitting at home Friday night when my girlfriend calls me. She asks me if I can drive her to get her tattoo the next morning. I said yes no problem. Saturday morning rolls around, I pick up my friend, drive her to the tattoo parlor, she goes off with one of the tattoo artist and is getting her tattoo done. While waiting for her and looking thru the pictures of other peoples tattoo’s I get to chatting with another tattoo artist who was free at the time. After chatting a while I asked him if he had a joint he could sell me since I didn’t have any at the time and bf was away and he always had some. He did but it was at home so gave him my number and he said he would swing by after work. My friend is done her tattoo and I drive her home and head home myself for lunch. Around 4pm that afternoon I get a call from him, give him directions to my house.

Her body /was/ built for sex, I guess I just figured the natural course of events was taking over. Like I said, it didn’t really make much sense. Tonight, I figured, would be the test. I waited in my room, nervously perched on the edge of my bed. If she came in and nothing new happened, maybe it meant that what Brad was doing was unrelated, it was just some weird game they played. If I finally got to see her tits, it meant that some sicko really had hypnotised my sister. I wasn’t sure which one I was hoping for more. 11pm came along. Like clockwork, my sister entered. Her eyes darted down to her generous display, and then up to mine. A small, meek, satisfied smile came onto her face as she saw how much I was enjoying the view. I wish I could say I took the moral high ground, realised that my sister was here against her own will, and stopped everything then and there.

To begin with, she weighed no more than one hundred twenty pounds, compared to the professional fighter’s two hundred and fifty pounds. She was totally nude, with only her small bare fists to fight with, while the wrestler wore heavy boots for brutal kicking, and he wore on his fists brutal brass knuckles. It was explained that he needed these because he was trained as a wrestler, not a boxer. The girl was so intimidated by the big professional wrestler that she lost her bladder control early in the fight, and continued to spray her hot urine into the sand until the battle was finished. The two unevenly matched naked fighters had started fast by attacking each other with violent blows, hers bare fists bouncing off his muscular chest while his heavy metal covered knuckles battered and bruised her big bouncing breasts. He also used his metal fists to block her blows. This had a profound effect.

Then she looked at the nearly 10 inch long mesmerizer that was waiving right in front of her face, swallowed hard, and wanted them to hurry up and flip the coin and start putting the meat to her. She heard Larry’s quarter go up in the air and then heard Jerry call heads. The metallic currency hit the shabby floor, bounced, and then she heard Larry yell, “Oh mother fucker, its tails. Then her eyes widened, and her mouth popped open as, suddenly, she felt her cuntal channel being violently invaded by her son’s massive, steely log. The stout thrust of part of the thick shaft into her womanhood, brought a pleased “ooooww” from her parted lips as, simultaneously, Larry let out a very loud groan of gratification. Incestual concerns had completely disappeared, as the two cocks had their way with her. But, God, she was so damned hot, hotter than she could ever remember being in her whole life. Then she heard, “Oh, god damn, you were right, Larry, this is one fantastic pussy she’s got.

Lisa gripped the sheet tightly as the exploring tongue moved upward, its wet, flicking tip curled around excited, rigid organ of joy with ecstatic squeezes and caresses. His open lips now sucked on the swollen folds drawing them into the hot cavern of his voracious mouth, the tongue continuing its maddening licking against the straining and erect organ of joy. She groaned deep in her throat as the hot probing tongue worked its way up and down the length of the narrow wet furrow. Her thighs opened and closed against his head and her hands pulled his suckling mouth, lips and tongue further inter her seething sex. Michael nestled his tongue into Lisa’s clasping inner lips and began an ecstatic teasing of Lisa’s excited vaginal entrance. The tongue began a series of exquisite darts and probes into her enflamed passage and Lisa moaned and gurgled as sensations that she had never felt before flooded her sex. Michael withdrew his hands and face from Lisa’s tormented body and she moaned in sexual agony.

He didn’t want jizz evidence for his parents to waltz right in and see everything. We saw some hot chicks getting pounded by some black dudes. The way the girls screamed I couldn’t take it. I ran into the bathroom. I couldn’t unzip my pants quick enough. I started stroking as fast as I could, quickly I remembered the hot chick I saw at school with the huge breasts. My upper lip started to sweat, then I started to sweat. My ass was open and it was wet, the heat and the sexy thoughts, I jizzed so much within a minute. I squirted onto the back of the toilet cover and my come was drooping down. I always thought how it would taste, how those girls in the porn videos sucked the guys and could eat come. I looked around me, even though the door was locked. I took my index finger and scraped a good piece of come off the toilet cover and quickly popped it in my mouth.

The savage beast had totally mastered its human female captive, dominating her completely. The brutal performance had lasted less than twenty minutes, but had made a strong impression on the guests who had been present to witness it. Tony sat right up against the rail in one of the six hundred plush leather seats overlooking the large oval fight pit. It was ten feet deep and twenty feet across and thirty feet long, with heavy plank walls and a floor of light colored sand. The light sand was chosen because it showed up the bright red blood and gore that would soon cover it. There were large doors in the walls through which the entertainers, animals and the staging crew could enter and leave. He had been here for an hour watching with interest the preliminary acts. A pretty little eight year old Norwegian girl had been stripped, raped and beaten by a trio of young boys. Then the naked fifty pound girl was lashed face down to a small bench. With this preparation the child was mounted and violently fucked by a three hundred pound hog.

Baxter, instead, caught the scent in my fingers and palm and sniffed and licked all of my hand while I went down on Matt. Matt, on the other hand, was getting increasingly frisky in my asshole, circling it with his fingers and pressing the tip of his index finger against it. I moaned when I saw Matt bringing that same finger to his mouth and sucking it. Meanwhile, Baxter was getting ready to mount my hand. Things were getting harder to juggle. “Damn, Will, you need to find a bitch for your poor dog,” Matt said, laughing. “Yeah,” I said. I was onto it already. Unfortunately that was not the time, so I had to take my hand away as soon as Baxter started thrusting his hip. The dog wouldn’t give up as easily, so Matt grabbed my shorts and pulled them off further. As I clumsily took my shorts off while still sitting on the sofa, Baxter tried to mount me again.